Global Payroll Solutions

Global Payroll Solutions


cPayd is your one global solution to a simple, accurate and cost effective payroll. Bringing together all aspects of payroll into one place, we provide a complete suite of modules that cover your end to end process requirements. With a balanced approach to cost effectiveness and risk management and by assigning the right services we can help you to meet your strategic goals and values. It is one solution for all nationalities.

So what differentiates cPayd from other payroll solutions? 
Here at cPayd we don’t just offer a product, our core focus is on the service element and this allows the new technologies on offer to benefit your organisation. Global payroll projects are too often sold on the premise of reduced cost, reduced FTE and better technology. However, the reality is that clients often find only the technology aspect of this becomes true.

That’s where cPayd makes a real difference, combining new technologies with global expertise to truly deliver on all elements of your strategy

Why choose cPayd?

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We provide payroll services in over 130 countries.

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Years of Industry Expertise


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A global payroll via one single sign on platform.


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