Payroll Processing

Whether you are considering fully outsourcing your payroll or would simply like to improve your current processes, speak to us today.

Are you frustrated by your current payroll processes?

Fed up of manual input onto spreadsheets and lengthy payroll procedures?

Is there a failure to review your existing processes due to lack of engagement?

Are you dealing with complex employment structures?

Do you want to improve your processes but can’t see a way forward?

Are you confused by the costs involved with payroll outsourcing?

We are here to help . . .

These frustrations are often a common theme among many companies who have been utilising the same payroll and HR solutions for a number of years or who are trying to implement new systems and processes but either find the transformation process is too lengthy and costly or fail to look at the entirety of the project, shifting costs from one department to another or increasing existing workloads leading to disgruntled employees and lack of acceptance of new technology.

cPayd can help alleviate these challenges through the services we provide.

Our core services

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Global Payroll Services

Full end to end calculation and provision of payroll services.
  • Gross to Net Calculation
  • Statutory / Pension Reports
  • Bank Files
  • G/L Entries
  • Customised employee portal
We can assess your current payroll processes and provide you with a roadmap to your payroll transformation.

1. Assess the current processes in place
2. Make recommendations
3. Implement the transformation

How do we achieve this?

Through listening and understanding

Every client has different needs and requirements. Throughout each project we take the time to listen and engage with key stakeholders.

A tailor made service

Not all payroll is the same and not all businesses want to move their payroll from spreadsheets to a fully integrated payroll system. That’s why we offer a personalised service to every client.

No formatting required

We know that when using a payroll provider many will ask that the data be converted into a different format. Here at cPayd we do the formatting for you.

Latest Technology and Integration

We bring together and utilise market leading software and technologies. We can also provide full integration into your management, HR and finance systems.

Clear Pricing Plan

We keep our pricing structure simple. Our global payroll services include a fee for implementation and a monthly payroll fee. There are no additional hidden costs.

Payroll is often a journey

Wherever you are in your journey, we can get you to where you want to be